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Camp “Counter Culture” 2019

Let your kids create art for your counters and beyond, play games, and learn HIS TRUTH encouraging them to live counter-culturally in this age, for His glory!

It’s gonna be our best camp yet…get in touch with your local instructor to ask about her camp dates!

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Looking for a fresh and fun ladies’ event where you can connect with friends, in a fun, relaxing atmosphere with all tools provided?! Look no further!

Open paint parties in your community feature some of our most popular designs and are a great experience!

Did you know?  When you book a party you paint FREE with 10+ painters! Click here to contact us!

Sheila did a great job at our paint party. It was with a group of girls at our church, and they had a great time and really liked the art that they made.  Sheila was able to spend time with each girl as needed to teach them the different techniques and help them choose colors.  She left our party area even cleaner than when she arrived!  I would love to host another party in the future and enjoy having the pictures that I’ve made at previous Truth Be Told parties hanging up around my house.
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