Truth Be Told Art for Churches

Our team is passionate about helping all ages of ladies who think they don’t know how to paint, how to paint something beautiful, and get God’s Truth on it. Truly, no painting or art experience whatsoever is needed to create our masterpieces, and painters are finished in one session with us. It’s a great bonding time for all generations within a church body.

We will be in contact with a hostess/event planner from your church, and will arrive with everything needed.

The church provides: the place, tables, chairs, and disposable/inexpensive plastic table coverings (also, the church provides any technology needs for a large group (DVD player/screen, microphones, etc).

Some churches choose to serve light refreshments to their guests.
This is left to your discretion depending on your situation and time of day of the party.


$30 or $35 per person
for groups of 10-99 painters

Choose from smaller $30 designs and larger $35 designs.

These classes are scheduled for 3 hours and include: A trained instructor, art lesson for people who “can’t even draw a stick man”, all supplies, DVD testimony of TBTA’s heart, start, and mission, and a finished masterpiece at the end of your party.

$20 or $30 per person
for groups of 100 or more painters

These parties include the above with an Instructor and assistants to accommodate your large group. This option is financially best for a church who feels confident that they will have 70 or more guests attend.

$30 Design reduces to $20 per painter for 100+ painters // $35 Design reduces to $30 per painter for 100+ painters

The Coordinator chooses the design, and guests personalize their paintings with several color choices. The church prepays* for 100 guests at the reduced rate one month prior to their event date. Churches can request a certain “theme” verse ahead of time, if desired.

*Disclaimer: Should fewer than 100 guests sign up to paint, the church understands that no refunds will be issued and unused supplies will remain property of Truth Be Told Art. We must order bulk supplies and plan far in advance for your large events, and unfortunately, cannot issue refunds if the church is unable to meet the minimum number of painters for the reduced rate. In the case of inclement weather or other emergency situations in which parties cannot be held on the planned date, Truth Be Told Art Instructors will work with the hostess to reschedule the party to be held as soon as possible.

How it works:

Timeframe: Each party lasts 2-3 hours, depending on the design

Number of guests: We are equipped for 10-100+ painters! Large groups require advanced booking, and we offer large group discounts.

Payments: Participants can register and pay online for your event!

Skill level: No art experience required! Ages 8+ can follow along at our parties. We’ll take you step-by-step.

Click here to find an instructor!

Why Churches love TBTA:

Easy Set-Up
Facilitated Event
Great for all Generations

Our women’s group at church LOVED this painting party and are ready to do it again!!!

Lisa E.

Last night we had a paint night with our high school girls at church and had a fantastic time. This is my second time having a painting class with Truth Be Told Art. Can’t wait for my next.

Tricia B.

Want to host a party,
or just get a little more information?

We’re happy to help! We’ve created a simple form to get you started.
(Don’t worry if you don’t have all the details yet – we can fill them out later!)
Be sure to select your closest instructor area~our instructors can travel within the local area!

Interested in becoming a TBTA Art Instructor in a new area? Email



I want to thank you for sending Teresa McKay to share the vision of Truth Be Told Art and to teach us how to paint. She was awesome and look we forward to having her come again. It is great to know that the proceeds are used for the gospel. We had 15, including myself that had a great time painting with Teresa. She was an excellent teacher and made it simple for us non artist to follow. I have shared on facebook your great company.  I look forward to talking with her again soon and making plans for another paint party.
Hostess Review
Sheila did a great job at our paint party. It was with a group of girls at our church, and they had a great time and really liked the art that they made.  Sheila was able to spend time with each girl as needed to teach them the different techniques and help them choose colors.  She left our party area even cleaner than when she arrived!  I would love to host another party in the future and enjoy having the  pictures that I’ve made at previous Truth Be Told parties hanging up around my house.
Hostess Review
Emily is so good at what she does. So helpful & makes sure everyone feels good about what they are painting. Such a pleasant instructor & seems to love doing her job!
Hostess Review
I think everyone should have at least ONE TBTA painting on their wall… anyone can paint them and I especially LOVE being reminded of God’s truths on my wall
As I walk through my home or office!!! The artists are amazing doing what they love!
Hostess Review