Kids Art Camp for Summer 2020 promises to be the BEST yet! It’s time to bring the charm of the farm to life through Truth Be Told Art CAMP! This year, we have 3, 4, and 5 day camps for kids and adults, boys and girls – all are welcome!


Our virtual and social-party art lessons include tips on shading, creating depth, adding definition, blending, our “dip-dip” technique, highlighting, hand-lettering techniques, and many other methods to bring a painting to life!

    • We’ll create a Diptych which is two canvases that work together as one design with our cute pigs you can’t help but smile when you see!
    • A rustic barn is the charm of small town farms, showing love for our country complete with an American flag!
    • A southern summer day is cuter with a sleepy dog by his favorite flower pot. A sure winner with kids and adults, alike!
    • A little old red truck reminds us of simpler days gone by, playing the songs of sweet summertime with an American flag and a bed full of flowers!

Earn a free camper registration for Summer 2020!
(*With a required minimum of painters, varies by instructor)  Do you know of a great place with tables and chairs? That’s all you need! We set up and teach the whole camp, your job is just to help us find the perfect location! We look forward to partnering with you and sharing His Truth with the kids in your community!

Our experienced and professional instructors can facilitate a 3-5 day camp experience virtually, at your choice of location, or church for ages 6+, complete with all set-up, in-person instruction, and online registration!


“I feel like I’m in a DREAM, mine looks so good!” -3rd grade participant in Macon, GA