Fall / Winter 2018 Designs!

They’re HERE!!!

Be the first to grab your date on our calendar because…THEY ARE HERE! It’s like Christmas morning for us over here when we can share our new fresh-from-our-studios gifts with you!  We can picture these on your kitchen counters, shelves, walls, and by your door to be the last thing you see when you leave in the mornings! These have all the fall, cozy feels and are ready to help you celebrate the real meaning this Christmas season!
This entire group of boutique designs is only $30-$40 per painter, and you don’t even have to be able to draw a stick man to create one!
Hurry and get your party on our calendars, this is our busiest season! >>Book A Party<<
Scroll down to see them!
Wagon- Fall, 11×14″, $30
Pumpkin- Mixed Media, 11×14″, $30
Tiered Tray- Fall, 11×14″, $30
Fireplace – Fall, 16×20″, $40
Schoolhouse, 8×24″, $30
Pumpkins- Stacking, 8×24″, $30
Mixer, 11×14″, $30
Tiered Tray- Christmas, 11×14″, $30
Angel Wings, 8×24″, $30
Wagon- Christmas, 11×14″, $30
Train, 8×24″, $30
Fireplace – Christmas, 16×20″, $40
Dog- Christmas, 8×24″, $30
Car- Christmas, 11×14″, $30
Sled and Skates, 11×14″, $30